3 things CHRISTIANS need to understand

1. God CANNOT bless your mess!

This may seem a little out of character for a loving and compassionate Father however the reality of this fact cannot be overstated. We need to understand that God is about order. There are several scriptures pointing to his nature of order. As Christians there is no getting around this principle, our choices will most definitely yield consequences whether good or bad . God requires total obedience from us. The only way to be fully blessed is by obedience (Isaiah 1:19). The bar isn’t going to be lowered for anyone , it is as simple as that. Although God is quick to forgive when we repent of our sins, those that engage in active rebellion will be “severely punished” (Proverbs 17:11). Please understand that to fully experience the blessing and peace of God, it is crucial to refrain from willful disobedience and purse holy living (Hebrews 12:14).

2. Everything falls apart without God

Yes indeed! God is extremely merciful but also desires for us to make him our be-all and end-all. He knows all things, even the end from the beginning. Making light of this will set us up to fail. When we place him first, he graciously leads us to all truths and protects us from unseen harm. The key to finding true joy is by coming to terms with this reality. God desires for us to commit our ways to him which will be to our own benefit because only his purpose will prevail according to Proverbs 19:21. Ultimately, this will save us a lot of stress and trepidation resulting from strongly insisting on our ways.

3. It really is UP to you 

The concept of free will is often underemphasized among believers. The ability to make our own choices is one of the heaviest weapons in humanity’s arsenal. God in his sovereignty has allowed for us to have a free will to choose the way of life or destruction. We are solely responsible for the choices we make and will be accountable for same. As much as God would love for everyone to be saved, he does allow the option of free choice to determine our love for him (Joshua 24:15). This does not in any way discount the purpose of grace. Truth is, we have the choice to either receive or disregard it all together. God in his wisdom made it all available to us (all things pertaining to life and godliness ) and we get to have the autonomy of choice in deciding what the outcome would be. God has set it up in a way to ensure that  nothing is forced against our wishes but at the same time recommends that we choose the way of life, which will be in our best interest.